Information Technology can greatly help companies in global competition, but the greatest benefits can be achieved if applications are easy to use, intuitive and do not complicate life.
Core processing is made by men, who need to quickly, autonomously and clearly access to information.


Installation, start-up and technical support may be provided directly by our company or through our qualified 27 partner network all over Italy.

Reduced time and costs to start-up: immediate start

All Atelier 98 solutions are characterized by a great ease of use, that,coupled with our staff experience in the management of the retail fashion industry, dramatically reduces the start-up time and costs. The initial training can be run by remote Internet connection using simple and consolidated tools.

Specialized telephone technical support

Atelier 98 is a management software specifically designed for fashion stores. It is characterized by great stability and is daily used by thousands of customers. Most of the telephone requests concerns how to manage certain situations and our staff, highly specialized in the fashion store management, is usually able to process the request during the same call with a few clear suggestions. If necessary, they can take remote control of your PC without installing any additional software.


Requests for new features, if considered to be of common use for this sector, are designed, implemented, tested and documented and are made available for all users. Normally when released, the new function is stable: any anomalies are immediately fixed and the update made available for download from special websites.

Integration and customization

Atelier 98 solutions are open to integration and customization opportunities. Over time were carried integrations with other management softwares to fully automate customer’s business.
An E-Web class module has available standard tracks to export files to accounting.


Atelier 98 specific modules allow to import data for single-brand stores, franchise stores and companies with flagship stores.
Some of our import projects: Benetton, Timberland, Fila, Lacoste, North Sails, Guess, Scout


Atelier98 is produced from Reprosoft srl
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