Information Technology can greatly help companies in global competition, but the greatest benefits can be achieved if applications are easy to use, intuitive and do not complicate life.
Core processing is made by men, who need to quickly, autonomously and clearly access to information.


The Reprosoft was founded in 1995 as an offshoot of an existing company, whose core business was to verticalize Office Automation Management softwares according to customer requirements.
Being it impossible to generate good solutions based on a limited number of customers and bound by the rules of general management softwares, we decided to focus our investments in a specific market and we created a product from scratch: Atelier98.
The main idea is to do good things waiting for adequate future revenues.


  • 1995: Company establishment
  • 1996-1997: Continuous development in close collaboration with some pilot customers previously automated with our verticalizations.
  • 1998: Start of direct marketing on a local basis while continuing to develop the application.
  • 1999: First partnerships; this method will become a constant factor during the following years.
  • 2000: First installation to our customers having the widest network: he began opening 15 stores with the intention to reach 35 stores in a few years and 70 in total. (finally we reach 100 workstations).
  • 2001-2003: Creation and training of partners network through Italy.
  • 2004: After previous attempts, beginning of systematic development in Microsoft.NET in the specific version for the high fashion, coded as AT98e.
  • 2006: Partnership with Microsoft.
  • 2007: AT98e steady with the name of Web Class.
  • 2008: Migration of the main customers to Web Class while continuing its development.
  • 2009: Acquisition of important references and integration with AtelierOnline, our own E-Commerce site
  • 2011: Establishment of new partnerships and important installations worldwide
  • 2012: Successful launch and development of our luxury fashion online shopping channel

Atelier98 is produced from Reprosoft srl
P.iva 01454950443
Strada Pompeiana n° 346
63900 Fermo (FM)
Tel +39 (0)734.674492

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