Web Class

A powerful solution to drive your business worldwide.
For a complete management: store operations, sales, reports and strategy. 
Multilanguage, multicurrency, multitax.

CMS: E-commerce data management

Specific and user-friendly features to speed up the e-commerce data management.
The choice of the items, the association of photos and additional descriptions can be done while inserting orders or directly from the item’s sheet.
Availability on real time: All the updates come directly from the stores, without the need to create a specific store for the e-commerce.


Control reports to evaluate the accuracy of the advertising campaign on the Internet.
E-commerce catalogues are complete of photos and details. Complete integration with the CRM module.
It allows to join the on-line sales channel AtelierOnWeb, reducing time and cutting costs to start selling on the Internet; alternatively to set up a new e-commerce project.



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